Coherent Breathing

“An easy-to-learn form of breathing that regulates the heartbeat and blood flow and balances the autonomic nervous system.”

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What is Coherent Breathing?

Coherent Breathing is a highly effective method of relaxation, easy to learn and effortless to practice. Its success can be measured quite simply. The method balances the autonomic nervous system and regulates the activity of the heart and the blood circulation.

Coherent Breathing can be trained with a daily practice of five to ten minutes, so that its effects can be obtained within a few weeks.


We have no reports of any negative consequences or worsening of symptoms due to practicing coherent breathing. Personal reports can be found here.

Among others, it can lead to the following benefits:

  • Synchronizing breathing, heart beat and blood circulation.
  • Strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for relaxation.
  • Improving the breathing function.
  • Improving heart rate variability.
  • Improving nocturnal sleep.
  • Deeping power naps and short relaxation phases during the day.
  • Strengthening balance and equanimity in daily life.

The Method

Coherent breathing has four principles:

  • Equal length of inhalation and exhalation without pause
  • Slow breathing rhythm (3 – 6 breaths per minute)
  • Mean breathing depth (movement of the diaphragm)
  • Relaxation on the exhalation (letting go of muscle activity when exhaling)

It is preferable to breathe through the nose. The method can be practiced while lying, sitting or standing and can also be combined with other physical exercises (gymnastics, yoga, etc.).

The Practice

Coherent Breathing is a training of the autonomous nervous system. Every training requires consistent practice and repetition. A continuous breathing practice over a few days already produces noticeable changes. Since practicing requires no physical effort, only consistency and discipline are needed to achieve lasting changes.

The following principles are recommended:

  • Practice at the same or similar time of the day and in the same place.
  • Exercise units of five to ten minutes (longer is also ok)
  • Taking care of external disturbances (telephone, fellow human beings)
  • Three or four practice units during the day increase the effect (every 4 – 5 hours)

The book

Wilfried Ehrmann, PhD: Coherent Breathing. Aligning Breath and Heart. Tao-Verlag 2016
The book offers a compact and comprehensive introduction to the method of Coherent Breathing with an easy to understand explanation of the physiological background and stress theory as well as many guidelines for practice.

Professional Support

Although the method is simple and easy to practice, questions and uncertainties of various kinds can arise when one starts to practice independently. Therefore we recommend to get in contact with qualified trainers in Coherent Breathing in order to be able to use the method optimally for oneself.



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