What is Coherent Breathing?

Coherent Breathing is a highly effective method of relaxation, easy to learn and effortless to practice. Its success can be measured quite simply. The method balances the autonomic nervous system and regulates the activity of the heart and the blood circulation.

Coherent Breathing can be trained with a daily practice of five to ten minutes, so that its effects can be obtained within a few weeks.

Among others, it can lead to the following benefits:

  • Synchronizing breathing, heart beat and blood circulation.
  • Strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for relaxation.
  • Improving the breathing function.
  • Improving heart rate variability.
  • Improving nocturnal sleep.
  • Deeping power naps and short relaxation phases during the day.
  • Strengthening balance and equanimity in daily life.

We have no reports of any negative consequences or worsening of symptoms due to practicing coherent breathing.

We can also assume that Coherent Breathing has a lasting preventive effect on cardiovascular disorders and diseases, burn-out and other stress-related disorders, as demonstrated by the measurable improvement in heart rate variability. As the time for practice progresses, coherent breathing becomes more and more a matter of naturalness for one’s own body, so that the nervous system increasingly chooses this form of breathing by itself.

Many people suffer from an overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system, which nature uses for the fight and flight response. In everyday life in our modern world, there are various threats that can trigger fears, but there is no possibility for action. That is why many stress reactions get stuck in our inner system and lead to chronic tensions.

This sympathetic overactivity is manifested in a stressed way of breathing, so that it is difficult for many people to relax their exhalation. Since the exhalation is regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system, this part of the nervous system can easily become sub-functional, resulting in a reduced ability to relax and regenerate.

Coherent Breathing is a simple method to bring these dysfunctions back into balance and to achieve more coherence in our body, i.e. the alignment of vibrations for the promotion of our health.